Slip effect: scientists test a condom that lubricates itself

The adjective “slippery” does not often have a positive meaning, but in sex it is unconditional. A group of British researchers is working to create a self-lubricating condom, which becomes slippery when used!

Slip effect: scientists test a condom that lubricates itself

The sliding effect is achieved thanks to its unique coating: a thin layer of hydrophilic polymers is applied over the latex. In simple words, the coating attracts water molecules and becomes wet and slippery. However, it does not affect the strength of latex and does not require additional actions from partners. The authors state that a condom helps to reduce pain from the movements of the penis and increase the degree of pleasure.

The usual latex condoms have many advantages: barrier contraception, low price, ease of use. But in the process they dry out and can tear or cause discomfort.

This often leads to the fact that sex ends in an empty place. In addition, 77% of men and 40% of women experience a decrease in sexual desire and discomfort when using conventional condoms. Even the lubricant does not save – it also dries, mixing with the body’s natural fluids.

In this sense, the creation of an “eternally slippery” condom can be a real breakthrough. The first clinical trials have already been conducted on 33 volunteers who were asked to evaluate the benefits of the new condom. 85% agreed that its coverage is more slippery, and 70% of them called it much more slippery than the usual options.

The development of a new kind of “product number two” is under the control of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who set such a goal in 2013: a condom should not interfere with pleasure and reduce sensitivity. True to the release of new items on the market will take at least three years.