Orgasm – for everyone: how to increase the chances of getting it?

Studies on sex began in the late 40s, and during all this time one main conclusion was confirmed many times. It is much more difficult for women to get an orgasm than for men: the percentage of success is at best 50 to 95. Why is this happening and what is suggested to do with it?

Orgasm - for everyone: how to increase the chances of getting it?

The reason for the inequality

Many women need clitoral stimulation for orgasm, but not all partners are ready to do cunnilingus or fondle by hand.

Scientists from the University of Southern California (USA) studied a database of 52,588 adults (26,032 heterosexual men, 24,102 women, 1,452 bisexual women, and 1,002 men).

The average percentage of orgasm for men is 94, for women – 68. However, it is interesting that among women the highest rate is for lesbians (86%), then for bisexuals (66%), and heterosexual women get an orgasm only in 65% of cases.

Women who prefer sex with women, more often talk about stimulation of the clitoris through hand caresses and oral sex. They also kiss more, massage each other, confess their love, experiment and openly say what they want in bed. A large number of study participants confirms its reliability.

Hello, clit!

Most heterosexual couples associate sex with vaginal penetration, and the rest is given very little importance. But with the vaginal sex, the clitoris gets almost nothing, and even with long sex, the woman does not reach orgasm.

It is known that only every fourth gets an orgasm directly from sex.

For many years, researchers relied not on the nature of sex, but on entirely different reasons. We tried to link the orgasm with demography (age, education, income), religion, views of life, satisfaction with relationships, the presence of sexual trauma in the past. But it turned out that all these factors mean almost nothing! But long caresses, pleasant words, discussion (and, of course, oral sex) can do a lot for an orgasm.