Now you can! Scientists are allowed to have sex with former partners

Congratulations to all those who required the approval of actions from which everyone around was discouraged. Fresh research has shown that sex with the former does not necessarily interfere with recovery after a break. So copy this phrase on the social network – and you can continue to do what you do.

Now you can! Scientists are allowed to have sex with former partners

The study, published in The Archive of Sexual Behavior, is so called: “Sex with the former: does it prevent him from experiencing separation?”. To find out, experts from the University of Michigan (USA) and Western University (Canada) combined two older works.

Some of the participants in one study (113 people) continued intimate relations with their former partners for more than a month. 459 participants of another responded to the questionnaire about how much sex with the former had had on their emotional status.

The results of the former did not show anything unexpected: those who continued to meet with the former a month after the break were more attached to them than those who broke up and went on. But the fact is that the emotional effect quickly passed – two days after sex, the participants in the first group were no different from those who tried to forget about the unfortunate romance.

The authors of the second study interviewed people two months after breaking up and also found that sex does not prevent them from moving further. Interestingly, the majority of attempts to have sex with the former were successful! That is, the partners remained important to each other in an intimate way.

Nevertheless, this behavior is considered to be wrong by society: they say that a person does not want to move on (although this is not the case). For a more accurate analysis will be conducted new research.