How to choose a good partner? Turn to science! It’s useless to resist

Who, as non-family psychologists, knows that intimate communication is one of the main components of harmonious relationships in a couple. It is because of dissatisfaction in bed that many couples accumulate insults, tension and aggression. Sooner or later, this balloon will burst out of discontent, and someone will raise the issue of parting …

How to choose a good partner?

To prevent this from happening, it is important to calculate the sexual constitution of the beloved at the beginning of a relationship. Yes, yes, each of us has our own intimate temperament: someone needs to love a partner three times a day to meet, and someone already needs a lot of times a month.

sexual constitution

So, for those who have set themselves the goal of calculating the sexual constitution of their ideal partner, science offers 5 criteria that will help in this matter.

sexual constitution

How to determine the sexual activity of a person

  1. Trochanter index
    This indicator allows you to find out the type of sexual constitution with the help of the ratio of a person’s height and leg length. The higher the trochanter index, the stronger the type of constitution.


    To determine it, you need to divide the height of a person by the length of the leg from the hip. If the result was less than 1.91, the constitution is weak, 1.92–1.98 is average, everything above is strong. In other words, the shorter a person’s legs, the higher his libido.
    sexual constitution

  2. Hair
    Another important indicator of the sexual constitution. It turns out that a thick hairline on the arms, legs, abdomen and back indicates increased libido. It is also necessary to take into account the nature of hair growth in the pubic area: people with a weak sexual constitution often have horizontal hair growth, with an average – with a transition to the stomach, with a strong one – an excessive amount of hair.
    sexual constitution calculation
  3. Foot shape
    The future partner can also be declassified according to the shape of the foot. With a strong sexual constitution, the big toe is shorter than the index finger. With a weak – much longer, and with medium, they are often the same.
    sexual constitution calculation
  4. Arm deflection
    To do this, you need to stretch both hands and press them with your palms to each other, while trying not to warp the forearms. If the arms remain straight, the person has a strong sexual constitution. If in the area of the forearm there is a small gap, then the person has an average sexual constitution. If there is no gap at all – in front of you is a person with a weak constitution.
    sexual constitution calculation
  5. The age of the first intimate curiosity
    Here we will talk about the first manifestation of interest in the opposite sex. Holders of a strong constitution begin to be interested in physical relationships before the age of 11, the average – from 12 to 14, and the weak – after 15.
    sexual constitution calculation


The most informative indicators are the trochanter index and the shape of the foot. And the latter is in priority. There are cases when long-legged men had increased libido, and all because their big toe was much shorter than the index finger.

sexual constitution calculation

How surprising it is to realize that the real sex giants are small, short and hairy men. Women, do not avoid them!