Anal orgasm: getting it absolutely real

Orgasm during anal sex is something like a unicorn. Everyone talks about him, but no one has seen him. We will tell you how to enjoy the “games in the backyard” and surprise yourself and your partner.

Anal orgasm: getting it absolutely

Few people want to have the same sex every time. People like bonobos monkeys tend to diversity. Anal sex is included in a more or less standard “sex package”, but not everyone likes it. And this is completely normal. 
The clitoris is shaped like a fork, and in many women the “teeth” of this “fork” reaches the anus, so that during anal caress the partner also stimulates the clitoris legs.

Now about the orgasm. For him, after all, everything is started, right? The first thing you need to know: yes, from anal sex really get an orgasm for both men and women. In women, the chances of reaching a climax are higher when indirect G-zone stimulation occurs through penetration — through the wall that separates the vagina from the rectum.

In addition to the well-known to you zone G, there is also a “deep zone” – as yet insufficiently studied point, which is located in the deepest part of the vagina, right in front of the uterus. This zone is very sensitive in some women, and the orgasms from it are brighter.

Follow these 10 simple rules to get real pleasure from anal sex.

  1. Very slowly. Yes, anal sex is not what you do during a short 15-minute break, it requires serious approach and preparation. Maybe it makes sense to even schedule it.
  2. Use a lubricant. Lots of lubricant.And a little bit more. Honestly, more is better than less. You can try warming or, on the contrary, cooling lubricants, just do not forget to first test them in less sensitive places.
  3. Soft massage. One of the great ways to relax is a massage. Yes, including sphincter massage. Let your partner gently stroke the anus ring with your finger – when you relax, it can penetrate the surface with a finger, but not too soft and intense.
  4. Anilingus. This type of oral sex, in which one of the partners language stimulates the anal passage of another. There are a lot of nerve endings in the anus, so even if it seems like a “fu*king shit” to you, for many it is not only psychological pleasure. 
  5. Start with sex toys.  There is no need to begin anal sex by putting your cock in you. The word of honor, pleasure will not receive any of you. Start with a finger massage or a small anal plug.
  6. Clitoris. Anyway, everything still revolves around him. During anal sex is not forbidden to further stimulate the clitoris.
  7. Forget about sterility and relax.  Yes, anal sex can be … dirty. It happens, and you and your partner should be ready for this. So do not forget to use a condom.
  8. One Way. It’s amazing how many guys are not aware that after having engaged in anal sex, you can not go back to the vaginal. Remind him of that.
  9. Double penetration. Try a simplified version of the double penetration: when his penis in your vagina and fingers shallowly immersed in the anus. A little later, you can change the disposition.
  10. Forget about “I will suffer.”  You do not do it for someone you have sex in order to have fun and give pleasure to the partner – in that order, not vice versa. So always voice any discomfort.

We gave you the most basic knowledge about how to get an orgasm from anal sex, and we hope that all our advice will be useful to you. We would be grateful if you share them by clicking on the button below.